The 2 Best Key Finders

Losing your stuff can be one of the most frustrating and annoying occurrences.  And it always seems to happen right when you need it the least.  How many times have you been running late, only to find your items are missing.  You look everywhere!  And still, no luck.  They are not under your couch cushions definitely not where you remember having them last.  What do you do?  Luckily, in recent years trackers have rescued many from the chaos associated with lost items.  Here are some favorites.

The Tile is probably the most popular and most well-known key finder on the market today.   It has Bluetooth technology to help locate those pesky lost times.  Simply, download the app and pair it with your device.  Whenever you cannot locate your stuff open the app and click on the locate button.  Your tile will ring and you will easily find your lost keys

Another amazing thing about the Tile is it can help you locate your smartphone if it is lost.  Just click on the button and your smartphone will ring.  This is a feature for anyone who misplaces their smartphone often. 

The Tile comes in several different styles such as a sport and even a slim version that can be tucked into your wallet.  You can even buy a package deal that comes with a couple Tiles for whatever you want and a couple for your wallet.  Once you have one you cannot live without it.

Another great tracker is the TrackR pixel.  This Bluetooth tracking device is both lightweight and very small.  One really cool feature about this is its addition of LED lights.  These can be very helpful when trying to find your stuff.  For instance, you hear the beeping but still cannot see the keys.  The LED lights will aid you in spotting them.  And, if you are ever in a situation that would be inappropriate to ring your keys, the LED lights are a silent option. 

The TrackR pixel also offers free battery replacement.  Whenever your gadget is running low you can order a replacement right on their application.  This is a huge bonus as key finders can notoriously suck up juice quickly.  Many find with other brands they have to replace the entire unit because it is too complicated or too expensive to fix the battery.  The TrackR pixel battery replacement is a huge perk. 

Another great feature of the TrackR pixel is it tracks on the app where you had your keys or wallet.  So, if you know you left your belongings somewhere but are not sure where, you can log on to the app and see where the last place they were. 

Finders are really great ways to help you keep your important items close but also keep your sanity.  They are definitely worth the investment.  Make sure to read reviews and purchase one that has the quality to last your more than just a few months.